Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am avail-able, Holla'!

The lady told me that today is special.  Ever since before Santa's day, I was learning my Manners and teaching my foster people all of the special, sparkly things about me, but now that I am a full package, I get to find my home that will give me sweet goodies and put a tag on me with my name and their name on it.  That's called "adoption" when it happens.

I didn't know exactly what graduation was when I left the Barn except that I had to follow many rules and stay away from "The Ancient One," and eat smuggled-in chicken softies from my friends when the foster lady made me eat cottage cheese slush for dinner.  When Sweet Pee didn't come home that day, but went to her real home, I was sad.  But I don't think I will be sad for myself because I like adventures.

Chlo-wee came to congratulate me today too.  She said we could play.  She also said that if I was a good boy when I got adopted she would borrow her dad's key's and visit me if I got lonely.  That is nice.

If you know the family that has the flirt pole and stuffy toys and cuddle time, let me know, okay?


  1. Oh how I wish I were closer...east TN is a very long ways away...I would adopt you in a minute and you would LOVE my LIlly! I'm so excited for you Robin!

  2. You will make some family very happy, Robin. Your sparkly bits are adorable and your personality shines too.

  3. You are so adorable, any family would be very lucky to have you.

  4. I am crossing my fingers for a good home for you, Wobbin. Just make me one promise... that you won't stop blogging after you go to the place with the stuffy toys and flirtacious pole?

  5. Ok, it took me reading these comments to know where this dog is located. I am trying to help by reposting on FB, so I would highly suggest that the location of the dog be made ridiculously obvious to encourage more hits.