Thursday, November 25, 2010

My friend Penny

This is my friend Penny.
She came to spend the weekend while her foster dad went to be grateful with his family at Thanksgiving.  Penny is 7 months old, so I am older than her.  She has very long legs.

Since everyone is being grateful today, I want to tell you what I am grateful for.  I am grateful for playing with Penny.  Even when she makes me carry her around.

And I am grateful for butts.
This is me smelling Penny's butt
And I am grateful when dogs smell my butt.

This is Penny smelling my butt
And I am grateful for the people in O-hi-o who found me and took me away from the cold place.  And I am also grateful to the BADRAP people for wanting to give me a chance to play and eat Cal-i-for-ni-a food and sleep on a "Lazee-boy" at night and for letting me stay with the foster people who have many dog friends and warm places in their house.

And I am grateful for eating grass with Penny.

Me.  Grass.  And Penny.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am NOT a goober face

Remember when I told you my foster people said I had a "goober face" so they needed a new camera and I thought it could mean I could have less rules?  I was wrong.  I looked it up, and I am thoroughly offended.  I'll let you read the definition.  Then...look at this face.  And tell me what is goober about it.  
 So, I had sort of a complex this morning after I got on the compeeter, and I was acting all sulky, and then all of a sudden, there was a knock on my door!  Chloe came to visit!  Chloe likes to visit my foster people because they always have new dogs here (another hit to my ego; I'm not the first to be graduated here).  Anyway, since you know I'm velcro, I knew Chloe and me would have a crazy, lovey play session.  See, Chloe used to play with Bucky, and then he got adopted.  You can see how much she loves him here.

I wagged my tail, and I put my butt in her face.  I licked her mouth and did jumpies all around her (I know dogs like that), and ya know what?  She barked at me.  So I rubbed my side on her side, and then I licked her face again, but all she did was run away from me.  We spent the rest of the afternoon like this.

Chloe's dad said that she was being a "diva" and a "pill," and just needed time to warm up to me.  I hope this doesn't take too long.  Maybe we'll try again this week, and I'll rub my non-goober face in her neck, and put my bottom in the air, and try even harder next time to make her love me.  I mean, I am optimistic by nature.

Until then, I'll keep myself busy with other important things.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Read my last post, you get the drift

I am being worked.  If you read my last post, then you know what I mean.  Sit to eat, wait to go outside, drop my toys, go potty here, and then there's the bedtime rules.  No yodeling in my crate, and I'm not allowed to get up at 6 am.

The lady says that nothing in life is free, but I Think that pocket pits like me should get a break.  I mean, my legs are like, a foot from the ground...and I give the best kisses.  I mean geez, help a guy out!

Okay, enough of the griping for now.  There is a light at the end of this very loooong tunnel.

I worked so good today that the lady let me zen out on her lap.  See, if I am held like a wittle baby, I sort of go to sleep really fast.  It's one of my most endearing qualities, AND my favorite position, and I get to do it if I'm a good boy (and especially when I let go of my toys if the lady tries to take them - I'm sort of greedy like that).

So, I guess if I have to work so hard, I should get some good rewards.  Heck, if I didn't get my "zen time" at least,  I would consider blowing this pop stand (I say "consider" because, well, it's raining and it's lightning, so...but consider it I will).

And I would probably stay for awhile longer because I got on the couch tonight, and the lady came up to me, and I closed my eyes so she wouldn't notice me, and even though I'm not allowed up there, she told me to get off and still gave me a sweet goodie.  That was nice.  P.S. I heard the lady mumbling that my pictures aren't coming out very well.  She said, "He is even MORE of a goober-face in these photos, so I have to get a better camera."

Less goober-face, I think that means I could also get less rules.  Score.
Me just closing my eyes, hoping the lady
doesn't notice I'm on the couch even though I know it's only for zen-time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She makes me wait

I've been graduated for one day, and I thought I had it made.  I could fly free.  Eat many things.  Chew on small bits and big bits and bits attached to other bits.  I thought I could be unencumbered by the rules of a lesser dog.

But my foster people, especially the lady, thinks that a "tie-down" and a "crate" will help me learn Manners.  And so I wait.  Oh would you like to go to the kitchen to check out the food bin, Robin?  Oh no thank you, I would much rather be tied to the table and salivate while I wait 100 hours for you to come back.

Robin, I have this wonderfully scrumptous sock that I'm flipping around in my hand, would you like to have it?  How generous of you, but no!  I prefer to be shackled to your waist so that I can't even leap up to taste a measly corner.

As so I wait.  Because the lady brought Manners to graduation, and he's really crimping my style.  Sigh.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here I am!

This is me going to my graduation
You've probably met my friend Chunk.  He has his own blog, see?  http://justaskchunk.blogs.../how-did-i-get-here.html   
We talked last night, and he told me he'd heard Nice Mister talking, and Nice Mister said I would probably get my own blog too because I was a good boy and had "velcro," like Chunk, and was going to graduate soon.  Guess what?  Two people picked me up to take me to graduation!  Graduation happens at their home, and they also call it "fostering."  

So here I am!

Me and Elliot
I came from O-hi-o, and then one day, all of a sudden, Chunk and me got to go to Cal-i-for-nia, and we met Nice Mister and Elliot and Josephine.  We got to play and sleep anytime we wanted, and it was so much fun.  That's when I found out my "real" name.

Me and Josephine
All the people call me "Robin," but I think my real name is "Party Central!"  I think that I am a party-in-a-box because my dogs like to be around me and play with me all the time.  Even strangers love to touch me and pet me and kiss my face, so I think I definitely have "velcro."  

Even on my first day at graduation at my foster mom and dad's house, I got tons of lovies and my own toys and bed.  I have to say, though, that my foster people are a little bit un-predictable, because every few minutes today, they would look at each other and yell "Gas!  Oh no, it's Gas!" and then fan the air around their heads.  If I was sleeping, Gas woke me up.  If I was playing, Gas interrupted me.  I've decided to assign myself the job of "The Gas-Finder" because I really can't have my foster people doing this all the time.  If I find him, I'll sit him down and tell him he has to find another house to be disruptive in.

It's been a very busy day for me.  I've been graduated, I gave myself a new job and I wrote a blog.  This party needs to go to bed.