Monday, May 23, 2011

My first day at home was Saturday

Me and the new Man
Hi, I am the lady who loves Robin and now loves Bouncer too.  Robin told me he was furiously writing his thoughts down after he got to his new home.  Here they are...

Ya know how I told you that life in Ca-li-fo-nia is full of surprises and that if you just wait they find you?  Well it happened...again to me!  I went to class with Ms. Donna and Mr. Tim and I saw my sister Winnie and also these 2 people who said they wanted to take me home for good.  I had to work really hard in class and even though I wasn't "in the mood," I did my best to show them my fo-cus and sweet Robin moves.
After class we had this meeting and the people had to listen really carefully to instructions about how to take care of me (not because I'm fra-gile but because I am full of many things).  Then the people signed this paper, and they told me to hop in their car.  So I did.  

We got to stop at this place full of tasty smells and the Man picked up Kongs, Nylabones, bully sticks, kibble, tennis balls and kitty litter - most of this was for Me - I felt very expensive at this time and it was so nice!  Lots of people in this store wanted to give me treats, but the Man said that we are "in training," so I guess this is my first rule - "No Treats from Strangers until I Pay Attention to the Man."

This is me with all of my things in the car

Then we went to a house, and I went right to the pee place and the lady and Man said I was such a good boy for peeing right there (and not on my feet like I did before at graduation, or on the table when I was so fus-strated at the Ancient One).

When it was time to go in the crate, I skipped right in because the Man put about a ba-zillion toys in there, and when he got back he said "oh, did it snow?"  You know me, I am the Squeak Master, and yes, I found every single one of them.

It was time for a walk, and the lady made me "stay" and "wait" at all of the doors BEFORE we even got to go outside and then at every corner outside too.  So many of these rules again and my little head was very tired from all this working.  Sigh.  But when we got home I knew it must be time for breakfast.  The lady made me wait until all of the cats were fed, and I got anxious about this because I am Number One, and that fish juice smell should be for me, but then the lady let me eat my own food and it was so good.

I'm still in my crate relaxing, and it's not so bad because I can see the lady and the Man and they keep looking over here and smiling, and with all of the surprises I had today, they are my favorite surprise of them all.

Stay tuned for Part Deux of "My First Day Home."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All is well

I'm doing good.  So good actually that I told Bouncer he should start writing too.  It's a great out-let for many things, especially for pocket pits but it could also be good for big-heads like Bouncer to get his thoughts and ideas in order.  I put him on my page over there.  You could go visit him if you want.