Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am avail-able, Holla'!

The lady told me that today is special.  Ever since before Santa's day, I was learning my Manners and teaching my foster people all of the special, sparkly things about me, but now that I am a full package, I get to find my home that will give me sweet goodies and put a tag on me with my name and their name on it.  That's called "adoption" when it happens.

I didn't know exactly what graduation was when I left the Barn except that I had to follow many rules and stay away from "The Ancient One," and eat smuggled-in chicken softies from my friends when the foster lady made me eat cottage cheese slush for dinner.  When Sweet Pee didn't come home that day, but went to her real home, I was sad.  But I don't think I will be sad for myself because I like adventures.

Chlo-wee came to congratulate me today too.  She said we could play.  She also said that if I was a good boy when I got adopted she would borrow her dad's key's and visit me if I got lonely.  That is nice.

If you know the family that has the flirt pole and stuffy toys and cuddle time, let me know, okay?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

mr. potato head Robins

I found out today that I am "fas-cinating."  The lady saw she could "Macro Zoom" on me today, so we played the laying down real quiet game for such a long time that I took a little nap.  If you look real close, I am not only fas-cinating, but very sparkly.

This is my macro-zoomed ear

And my little nosey-nose that has many different colors

She even thinks my sparkly rolls are worthy of the zoom

I just can't stop looking at these zooms!  I would like all parts of me in them and then I could have a puzzle so when I need things to do I can make funny-looking Mr. Potato Head Robins all day.  Creative busy!  I told you so.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired by Miss Tina Turner

Have you ever heard of the song Simply the Best by Miss Tina Turner?  The foster lady played her music video for me today, and I started daydreaming about Miss Tina and what she thought was so good in her song, and then I started thinking about what my song would be about if I sang one with the same name.

And then I knew.  I made my own music video but I didn't use her song because I wanted my own special music for my favorite thing in the entire world.

I did it while I was in my crate today.  I didn't have to go in there because I was naughty, but because I needed some quiet time to think about my favorite, "simply the best" thing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Purple Plastic Box

They got me this purple plastic box because they said I am busy.  And busy boys need "things to do."  And when they don't have those "things" they turn to naughty things because their minds are working over-time and their short legs need to move.

The lady puts my food it in.  And then she puts in on the floor, and I have to get it out.  She does this when she has to move around the house a lot and I am not allowed to follow her.

Sometimes, if I stare at it for a long time, the little fish sweets just pop out.

But most of the time, I have to swirl it around and make it make noise so the sweets roll into my mouth like this.

And this...

I personally think it's sort of a silly box because I wonder why she doesn't just put it in a baby bowl like she does with "The Ancient One," or feed one sweet, gentle morsel at a time like she did with Sweet Pee.  For me, she makes me work for even the tiniest crumble.  Every morning.  And every night.  I think I'm much more "creative busy" than she thinks.  Just today, I made a playground in the kitchen, and I asked the lady to take a picture in black and white because I made art.  She didn't, but if you look real close you could even see a little peace of heaven.

My little peace of heaven

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Pee is home

In her real home.  She found one, all sudden-like, the day after she pushed me in the pool.  I kissed her goodbye like I always do in the morning, but the lady came home by herself, and I didn't understand.

And then the lady and the Man reminded me about "grad-u-ation" and "adoption," and I was sad and then I was happy, and then I made a video for my first time. The lady said another puppy is coming tomorrow.  I wonder how many legs that one will have.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I fell in the pool

I fell in the pool tonight.  The foster people say that every foster has done it in the first week, and that I set a all time record for waiting 6 weeks to do it.  Sweet Pee and me were playing in the dark.  Sweet Pee pushed me in.

She says she did it 'by accident,' but I don't think she's as sweet as everyone says anymore.  The lady had to bring me out because my legs are so short, and she says the pool was "scary cold," but all I know is that it got everywhere and it felt like when I go outside in the morning but all over instead of just my feet.  These are my pool puddles.

Robin, would you like me to get a wonderful and funny picture of you dripping so you can post it on your blog?  Wouldn't that just be precious?  Oh, dear foster lady, you read my mind!  That would be superb.  I'll just wait patiently here for you to get the camera ready and pretend that I am enjoying the fact that I can't feel my toes anymore.

Then, after the photo shoot, I got to play with my food toy.  That was good.  But I'm steering clear of Sweet Pee for tonight.  And I'm not going outside at all.  Sorry foster lady.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So Good

I'm "so good" because I play nicely with Sweet Pee and Penny and Chlo-wee and before this place, with Elliot and Josephine and my fave friend Winnie.  And also because I don't potty in the house anymore and only sometimes look real close at the kitchen counter for sweets, and I keep myself very busy if there are toys around.

And I'm a much better cuddler than "The Ancient One."

I don't have a big head, but you should also know how I sit nicely, and lay down all fancy-like.  I can do a 'roll over for treats' and a 'touch,' and sometimes I can 'wait' if the sweet goodie isn't calling my name too bad.  I also can con-centrate and look very wise and show my foster lady that I am a grown-up and deserve grown-up things like not being in my crate when they are gone and not told to "shush" when I sing my songs.

When I told my foster people how good I am, they both looked at each other, but they didn't say anything.  I looked around too, and I saw some of my very special toys (like shoes and socks and re-mote controls high up because they are only for my private time when the foster police aren't around.  I can get to them, you know).  They told me to show you this video because sometimes if I don't get a goodie when it's my turn to have one, I say "gimmee" with my nose.  To be very honest with you...I think I was set up.  You'll see.