Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Pee is home

In her real home.  She found one, all sudden-like, the day after she pushed me in the pool.  I kissed her goodbye like I always do in the morning, but the lady came home by herself, and I didn't understand.

And then the lady and the Man reminded me about "grad-u-ation" and "adoption," and I was sad and then I was happy, and then I made a video for my first time. The lady said another puppy is coming tomorrow.  I wonder how many legs that one will have.


  1. OMG soooooooo sweet...wish I could have them all.

  2. "Misty-eyed" sweet video of two friends. Well done.

  3. Hi All - I am Sweet Pee's new mommy. We call her Izabella and Izzy. She is the love of our life. We have many cats in our home plus many ferals who have taken up residence on our property. Izabella is fantastic with all animals big and small and all types of people too.

    She started puppy obedience classes last Wednesday and has been going to the Pit Bull "Bully Playgroup" on Wednesdays & Sundays at HSSV since early January.

    She is our first Pit Bull and we would like her to help educate our East San Jose neighborhood about the dangers of allowing pets to roam freely. We'd also like her to become a therapy dog for returning veterans who have amputated limbs. Of course, she is already a breed ambassador - but we hope to gain more visibility for her; so more "good people" will give this breed a second look.

    She's a very happy puppy and we love her to bits and we are so thankful to everybody who has been loving to our little girl along her journey. We can promise you this little puppy will never again get hit by a car! She is in good hands for the rest of her life.

    You can see pictures of her here: