Monday, January 10, 2011

Purple Plastic Box

They got me this purple plastic box because they said I am busy.  And busy boys need "things to do."  And when they don't have those "things" they turn to naughty things because their minds are working over-time and their short legs need to move.

The lady puts my food it in.  And then she puts in on the floor, and I have to get it out.  She does this when she has to move around the house a lot and I am not allowed to follow her.

Sometimes, if I stare at it for a long time, the little fish sweets just pop out.

But most of the time, I have to swirl it around and make it make noise so the sweets roll into my mouth like this.

And this...

I personally think it's sort of a silly box because I wonder why she doesn't just put it in a baby bowl like she does with "The Ancient One," or feed one sweet, gentle morsel at a time like she did with Sweet Pee.  For me, she makes me work for even the tiniest crumble.  Every morning.  And every night.  I think I'm much more "creative busy" than she thinks.  Just today, I made a playground in the kitchen, and I asked the lady to take a picture in black and white because I made art.  She didn't, but if you look real close you could even see a little peace of heaven.

My little peace of heaven


  1. Hmmm....maybe I could use one of those purple things?! That looks like fun :)

  2. I think our dog could use one of those...he definitely gets into naughty things if I don't keep an eye on him. I love your blog Robin and love reading about your adventures!

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