Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired by Miss Tina Turner

Have you ever heard of the song Simply the Best by Miss Tina Turner?  The foster lady played her music video for me today, and I started daydreaming about Miss Tina and what she thought was so good in her song, and then I started thinking about what my song would be about if I sang one with the same name.

And then I knew.  I made my own music video but I didn't use her song because I wanted my own special music for my favorite thing in the entire world.

I did it while I was in my crate today.  I didn't have to go in there because I was naughty, but because I needed some quiet time to think about my favorite, "simply the best" thing.


  1. That was fabulous - hilarious and heartfelt all at the same time! Go Robin!

  2. Loved the Olympic-type music for this. Robin, you are "simply the best".

  3. It's about time someone wrote a song about the Flirt Pole. I'm glad you caught it at the end. Those things can be evasive!

    P.S. Please make more videos. Yours are simply the best. Kthxbai.

  4. Love the video!
    You've been tagged in my 7 things about you post.

  5. Robin,
    I love all your posts, they always make my heart smile. You remind me so much of my buddy, T-Bone. He's a creative busy guy just like you. I call him a one man party in a collar.
    Thanks to your video, he's going to get a flirt pole!