Wednesday, April 27, 2011


One thing I've realized about Cal-i-for-nia, is that life here is full of Surprises.  And lots of sun.  The second I got here people loved me.  And I got treaties for doing good things.  That was a Surprise.  I got to play with Elliot and Josephine in the beginning...

...and then Chlo-wee and Sweet Pee and Penny all wanted to be my bffs.

I found my sometimes best friend the Rock completely unexpectedly, and I got to make bumper stickers for myself so no one would forget that I have per-sonality.

I found my Greenies in the backyard without even looking for them and learned the ways of the "Ancient One" without falling under her spells.  I got pushed in the pool, met sweet Miss Emily (aka Little Robin who would like to live in a pouch on my belly), and I was still just "graduating" at the lady and the Man's house!

I didn't realize that just one little pocket pit could have so many Surprises, but then another one happened.  I went to visit the Barn, and Bouncer told me 2 things:

1.  He heard a family was looking for me and they might want to come meet me soon.  Oh boy!
and 2. Since little Ayse just got here, she needed me to show her the ropes.

He said I could stay at the Barn and borrow his kennel for awhile and that it was big and there are many scrumptious things inside (not like my measly crate with only a few chicken softies tucked in the crevices).

He said that since I was going to be busy for awhile, would it be okay if he went to play at Miss Emily's? Bouncer's head is bigger than Miss Emily's whole body and it's shaped like a chewy toy.  I know she will think it's pretty excellent, so I said okay.

Since I know Ca-li-for-nia so well now, I will tell Ayse that life here is full of Surprises.  And sometimes you just think you're doing regular things and having regular days just like everyone else. But then you realize there's a moment that just feels extra special and maybe a little bit scary because you weren't expecting it. But don't worry, it's just the Surprise that's been there, patiently waiting to amaze you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I love Miss Emily

Miss Emily's foster mom is still busy so she is spending the night again.  After the lady told me that I was a good boy for giving my spot to Miss Emily last night, I dreamt about all of the things we could do together once she is my best friend.  But first, I have to get her to notice me.  And that requires patience and a good plan.

Phase #1 - show off all of my sweet Robin moves.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is my new friend Miss Emily

She is staying with me for the weekend while her foster lady is busy.  Miss Emily is 10 years old, and I want to play with her so bad.  She seems much more amen-able to circus games than "The Ancient One" these days, and if she were my dog I would change her name to "Little Robin," and carry her around like I was an opossum and put her in a pouch made of leaves and sticks from the backyard.

I think she wants to play with me, because she lets me smell her bottom and her ears and doesn't get snooty at me like ahem, certain dogs I know.  We sat on the couch tonight all nice and quiet, but Miss Emily had different ideas.

First she started moving around.  I think to get into a better spot to play.

And then she turned around and sort of just stood there while I watched.

I didn't know what to do so I stood real quiet because maybe she was going to do some nuzzling or a little wrestling with me.

Oh Miss Emily, my name is Antici-pation!

So I got up to do my Robin-move, and she layed down right in my spot.

Miss Emily didn't move.

This turned out to be a very dumb game.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gratuitous self promotion

I was imagining that if I could make bumper stickers for me, that I wouldn't be able to just pick one sentence to describe all of my Robin-ness.

They would have to make as many as I have toes, or there would need to be one for every dream I have about my forever family finding me one day.  There will be one for you too, Winnie!  After training today, I dreamt about all of the bumper stickers for me.  They would be...

Robin has a Butter Face
Robin Loves a Flirt Pole
Robin Baby
Robin is the Squeaky Master
Robin Gives Better Hugs than your Honor Student
You Can't Get a Good Robin Down
Robin is So Good
Robin Makes the Ladies Smile
Want to be my Body Pillow?

If you can't remember all of them, that's okay.   I just picked my favorites for you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunning Sunday

The lady said getting me outside to pee last week was a "painful process."  See, it was raining so hard, and she wouldn't let me pee right outside the sliding door where it's dry.  She made me go walk on the slimy, slinky grass and all I could think of was that my feeties felt like when Sweet Pee pushed me in the pool.  And I couldn't do it.  And then it got worse because I had to go sit in the crate if I didn't pee.  She was right, it was a very "painful process" for me because I thought maybe the pee would just go away after I told it "No!  You can't come out, you bad pee.  It's too slimy outside, and I won't fall in the pool for you."  But it didn't listen. And she made me do it.

My little heart is grateful it was a sunning-Sunday today.  Even if the lady stuck the video in my nose again.  It was perfectly toasty, and I didn't have any pee problems at all.