Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is my new friend Miss Emily

She is staying with me for the weekend while her foster lady is busy.  Miss Emily is 10 years old, and I want to play with her so bad.  She seems much more amen-able to circus games than "The Ancient One" these days, and if she were my dog I would change her name to "Little Robin," and carry her around like I was an opossum and put her in a pouch made of leaves and sticks from the backyard.

I think she wants to play with me, because she lets me smell her bottom and her ears and doesn't get snooty at me like ahem, certain dogs I know.  We sat on the couch tonight all nice and quiet, but Miss Emily had different ideas.

First she started moving around.  I think to get into a better spot to play.

And then she turned around and sort of just stood there while I watched.

I didn't know what to do so I stood real quiet because maybe she was going to do some nuzzling or a little wrestling with me.

Oh Miss Emily, my name is Antici-pation!

So I got up to do my Robin-move, and she layed down right in my spot.

Miss Emily didn't move.

This turned out to be a very dumb game.  


  1. hehee Too cute. Miss Emily did not outsmart you and steal the warm spot Robin. Of course not..

  2. Aw, Robin! What is up with everyone trying to play dumb games with you? You should maybe suggest some cool games, like Connect Four, or Candyland, or UNO! You would probably enjoy these games much more than Steal Robin's Spot Surreptitiously or the lady's favorite, Mess With Robin. I have to admit, though, I love the look you get on your face when you're gettin' picked on and you're all, "srsly, guys?"

    Hey, so here's a suggestion... after you and Miss Emily make up (you have to be the bigger man/dog and forgive her for stealing your spot, sort of like when Sweet Pee pushed you in the pool), maybe you could sing that little song to her... the one I told you about. "Germs, germs, my invisible dog..." And maybe it would be so cute and charming since you are so little that you can fit into a pocket and then Miss Emily is so little that she can actually fit into YOUR pocket, so maybe she would like the song so much that she would hop right into your little Robin opossum opouch. We already know you can sing the blues and such so I bet you could pull off a ballad. Let me know if it works, k?

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL, so she getted one over on ya, did she, Robin? You know you can't trust bichez! No way, no how. Us girlie dogs get wutever we want. a'cause we are prissybritches, so there. But here's a tip. Sumtiems if you act all bumm-dout and shy she mite get all maternal-like and push you down so she can lik all over ur face an in ur ears and she'll preen the crap outta you. And you'll pratend to be all liek, ugh, Miss Emily, qwit it... But see-cretly you're thinking, this is so relaksing to be pampered.