Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I fell in the pool

I fell in the pool tonight.  The foster people say that every foster has done it in the first week, and that I set a all time record for waiting 6 weeks to do it.  Sweet Pee and me were playing in the dark.  Sweet Pee pushed me in.

She says she did it 'by accident,' but I don't think she's as sweet as everyone says anymore.  The lady had to bring me out because my legs are so short, and she says the pool was "scary cold," but all I know is that it got everywhere and it felt like when I go outside in the morning but all over instead of just my feet.  These are my pool puddles.

Robin, would you like me to get a wonderful and funny picture of you dripping so you can post it on your blog?  Wouldn't that just be precious?  Oh, dear foster lady, you read my mind!  That would be superb.  I'll just wait patiently here for you to get the camera ready and pretend that I am enjoying the fact that I can't feel my toes anymore.

Then, after the photo shoot, I got to play with my food toy.  That was good.  But I'm steering clear of Sweet Pee for tonight.  And I'm not going outside at all.  Sorry foster lady.


  1. Robin, I hope it doesn't happen again!

    Human Robin

  2. Dear Robin
    I help take care of some of your pals from Ohio. A while back when it was warmer, one of them walked into a pond and almost went down a big drain! I jumped in to grab him and forgot that I had my brand new fancy cell phone in my fanny pack. It cost alot of money to replace. (Now I have insurance on my phone) I'm glad your foster lady didn't have to jump in after you.
    Love Hanna

  3. Aww, this is why I can't let my pittie on my parents' pool deck when we visit (she's much bigger and harder to scoop up than you, Robin).

    I wish we lived close enough to come meet you when you are up for adoption; love you stories (and I think my goober girlie would love you, too).


  4. Robin! I am so glad that you are OK after getting wet all over. It would be terrible if you had melted. Please be careful and stay far away from that pool thing.

  5. Bless your little heart. But you look so darn cute in your towel. My girl Clover likes to jump on top of the hot tub cover to survey her queendom and to taunt her brother. Once when I was out of town and the dogsitter had friends over, Clover didn't realize they had taken off the cover to get in the tub and she just hopped right in on accident! Poor thing, must've scared her half to death. The way I heard it told, it took her all of about a split second to jump right back out again.

  6. OMG Robin! What a terrible and scary story! As my mommy so embarrassingly shared with the world above, I accidentally jumped in the hot tub, which is much smaller than a pool, but much hotter and scarier. I will never do dat again! Sheesh.

  7. Please be careful Robin. Remember no rough playing by the pool =)