Sunday, January 2, 2011

So Good

I'm "so good" because I play nicely with Sweet Pee and Penny and Chlo-wee and before this place, with Elliot and Josephine and my fave friend Winnie.  And also because I don't potty in the house anymore and only sometimes look real close at the kitchen counter for sweets, and I keep myself very busy if there are toys around.

And I'm a much better cuddler than "The Ancient One."

I don't have a big head, but you should also know how I sit nicely, and lay down all fancy-like.  I can do a 'roll over for treats' and a 'touch,' and sometimes I can 'wait' if the sweet goodie isn't calling my name too bad.  I also can con-centrate and look very wise and show my foster lady that I am a grown-up and deserve grown-up things like not being in my crate when they are gone and not told to "shush" when I sing my songs.

When I told my foster people how good I am, they both looked at each other, but they didn't say anything.  I looked around too, and I saw some of my very special toys (like shoes and socks and re-mote controls high up because they are only for my private time when the foster police aren't around.  I can get to them, you know).  They told me to show you this video because sometimes if I don't get a goodie when it's my turn to have one, I say "gimmee" with my nose.  To be very honest with you...I think I was set up.  You'll see.


  1. A dirty trick! But you have definitely become a Very Good Boy!

  2. God gave you that pink fleshy nose for a reason. So glad to see you're using it to say GIMMEE! :-)