Sunday, January 23, 2011

mr. potato head Robins

I found out today that I am "fas-cinating."  The lady saw she could "Macro Zoom" on me today, so we played the laying down real quiet game for such a long time that I took a little nap.  If you look real close, I am not only fas-cinating, but very sparkly.

This is my macro-zoomed ear

And my little nosey-nose that has many different colors

She even thinks my sparkly rolls are worthy of the zoom

I just can't stop looking at these zooms!  I would like all parts of me in them and then I could have a puzzle so when I need things to do I can make funny-looking Mr. Potato Head Robins all day.  Creative busy!  I told you so.


  1. aww... what a cute boy you are!

  2. I love your little rolls. And you are so sparkly, I wonder if you could be part of the Twilight series.

  3. I don't know anything about this business of zooms but I'll tell ya one thing, I'm quite partial to ZOOMIES!!!12!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHA. The sparkly rolls. Best post evar!

    @ Two Pitties: LOL!