Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She makes me wait

I've been graduated for one day, and I thought I had it made.  I could fly free.  Eat many things.  Chew on small bits and big bits and bits attached to other bits.  I thought I could be unencumbered by the rules of a lesser dog.

But my foster people, especially the lady, thinks that a "tie-down" and a "crate" will help me learn Manners.  And so I wait.  Oh would you like to go to the kitchen to check out the food bin, Robin?  Oh no thank you, I would much rather be tied to the table and salivate while I wait 100 hours for you to come back.

Robin, I have this wonderfully scrumptous sock that I'm flipping around in my hand, would you like to have it?  How generous of you, but no!  I prefer to be shackled to your waist so that I can't even leap up to taste a measly corner.

As so I wait.  Because the lady brought Manners to graduation, and he's really crimping my style.  Sigh.


  1. howdy robin, how do you do? the houston pittie pack here and we're a bunch of rescues too. would you like to be our furryend?? we'd love to learn about your new adventures and we have tons in common like the "gas" problem. we call it tooting and it keeps our humans mighty warm in the winter although they have yet to appreciate our aromas tee hee hee

    pibble sugars from the whole pack to you
    the pittie pack

  2. Hilarious!! Hope to see you at Pit-Ed soon Robin!!


  3. Hi Robin! My name is Lady but my mommy and big sister also call me Boo. I wanted to tell you that gas is at my house too,but mommy says it comes from me. She says I rock the house and walk around with a green cloud over my head....funny, I thought they were white.Anyway she says that I dooters when she hears it.Sometimes I scare myself when I doot and mommy laughs but she says she loves me doots and all.She also said she will read these to me so I can't wait to see what you are up to. Gotta go, mommys all by herself on the couch so I need to lay my head on her lap so I can get ear scratchys.

  4. Hi Boo. It sounds like you have a sweet life! Thanks for letting me know about The Gas. Can you tell my foster people about this too?