Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here I am!

This is me going to my graduation
You've probably met my friend Chunk.  He has his own blog, see?  http://justaskchunk.blogs.../how-did-i-get-here.html   
We talked last night, and he told me he'd heard Nice Mister talking, and Nice Mister said I would probably get my own blog too because I was a good boy and had "velcro," like Chunk, and was going to graduate soon.  Guess what?  Two people picked me up to take me to graduation!  Graduation happens at their home, and they also call it "fostering."  

So here I am!

Me and Elliot
I came from O-hi-o, and then one day, all of a sudden, Chunk and me got to go to Cal-i-for-nia, and we met Nice Mister and Elliot and Josephine.  We got to play and sleep anytime we wanted, and it was so much fun.  That's when I found out my "real" name.

Me and Josephine
All the people call me "Robin," but I think my real name is "Party Central!"  I think that I am a party-in-a-box because my dogs like to be around me and play with me all the time.  Even strangers love to touch me and pet me and kiss my face, so I think I definitely have "velcro."  

Even on my first day at graduation at my foster mom and dad's house, I got tons of lovies and my own toys and bed.  I have to say, though, that my foster people are a little bit un-predictable, because every few minutes today, they would look at each other and yell "Gas!  Oh no, it's Gas!" and then fan the air around their heads.  If I was sleeping, Gas woke me up.  If I was playing, Gas interrupted me.  I've decided to assign myself the job of "The Gas-Finder" because I really can't have my foster people doing this all the time.  If I find him, I'll sit him down and tell him he has to find another house to be disruptive in.

It's been a very busy day for me.  I've been graduated, I gave myself a new job and I wrote a blog.  This party needs to go to bed. 


  1. How incredibly adorable this dog is! Cute blog.

  2. LOL!! Rockin' Robin... you are awesome. Good luck finding that gas... sometimes you just have to be one with it. I wish you all the best in your continued journey to the best life!