Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am NOT a goober face

Remember when I told you my foster people said I had a "goober face" so they needed a new camera and I thought it could mean I could have less rules?  I was wrong.  I looked it up, and I am thoroughly offended.  I'll let you read the definition.  Then...look at this face.  And tell me what is goober about it.  
 So, I had sort of a complex this morning after I got on the compeeter, and I was acting all sulky, and then all of a sudden, there was a knock on my door!  Chloe came to visit!  Chloe likes to visit my foster people because they always have new dogs here (another hit to my ego; I'm not the first to be graduated here).  Anyway, since you know I'm velcro, I knew Chloe and me would have a crazy, lovey play session.  See, Chloe used to play with Bucky, and then he got adopted.  You can see how much she loves him here.

I wagged my tail, and I put my butt in her face.  I licked her mouth and did jumpies all around her (I know dogs like that), and ya know what?  She barked at me.  So I rubbed my side on her side, and then I licked her face again, but all she did was run away from me.  We spent the rest of the afternoon like this.

Chloe's dad said that she was being a "diva" and a "pill," and just needed time to warm up to me.  I hope this doesn't take too long.  Maybe we'll try again this week, and I'll rub my non-goober face in her neck, and put my bottom in the air, and try even harder next time to make her love me.  I mean, I am optimistic by nature.

Until then, I'll keep myself busy with other important things.


  1. Poor Robin! Those gals that play hard to get can be a pain, but you'll win her over!

  2. It's a size thing.

    Chloe only plays with dogs her size or larger. If the dog happens to tower over her, then it's instant. She played chase with Elliot within minutes of meeting him.

    She's so neurotic.