Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gettin' My Sleep On

The foster lady has the "flew" this week, so we haven't been flirt poling or playing with my friends and no one is bringing me new toys to play with.  So, I've been practicing the art of sleeping.  Sleeping inside or outside, and on beds and on couches, and near toys.

The lady watched it and she said that it was easier to read all of my sleeping titles if you go to the youtube page and watch it there.  Here is the link to my best sleeping video ever.  Or you could try and watch it all small-like here.


  1. I hope you are helping your foster lady feel better robin! You are too cute and I hope your forever family finds you soon!

  2. Hi Robin!
    My name's Bonnie and my mom is posting this for me. I wanna know how you copied all my best sleeping moves??? Especially the one in mommy's lap on the recliner - were you watchin' me? It's ok, tho', imitation is the greatest form of flattery ;-)
    Hey, one more thing before I go about that 'goober face' business. I have a fur-bunny brother that looks just like you. His name is Gizmo, but mom calls him Goober sometimes and when she does, she smiles and he gets hugs & kisses. Maybe being called a Goober is because you're so cute? Just a thought...

  3. I don't care if you're a butter face. I just want to SQUISH you to pieces. Dying a slow death here, wishing I could afford a third pibble right now. Sigh...

    You should submit this film to Cannes. You're going to be the next Scorsese!

  4. This blog (and the others from Robin's friends) would make great books for children...my daughter loves to have the posts read aloud to her!