Monday, February 21, 2011

It's training day

Training the lady at "pit ed" is a lot of work.  I have to sit patiently and wait for her to get ready.  And then she has to look at me 100 hundred times.  But sometimes there's another lady with orange socks, and my lady gets distracted.  "Ah-ah, lady, no nose-to-nose greetings yet," I tell her.  Then, she has to get ready all over again, and we sit some more to wait for her to stop her happy dance and "get serious."

And then we walk around orange cones, and I make sure she has sweet eye contact with me around the corners so she knows when it's time to give me a treat.

The lady is telling me it's time to "stay," but I think it's time to "sing," so I ignore her.  This teaches the lady that just because she wants attention, doesn't mean that she gets it whenever she wants.  She has to "work for it." 

Sometimes the lady forgets that I have per-so-nality, and the clowny bits just have to come out because I am so full.  And I am a working breed, which means I have a smart head on these little shoulders and it needs to be "worked."

But then, like a lee-tle present to me, the lady got it.  And she made a scrunchy face and talked to me in a baby voice, and we looked at each other long and hard, just like I was waiting for this whole time. No lady, I don't need a treat right now, I want to be in your eyes since connecting is sort of my thing.  Dont worry, if you work for it, you'll get it right.


  1. Robin, you are truly a Wise and Patient teacher. I'm sure the Lady will get it one day.

  2. Oh my Robin, you are SO funny. I can hear you signing just looking at the picture. What great training you are doing for your foster Mom.

  3. It's really a wonderful blog you wrote here; cute, funny, and actually so touching. Way to go, Robin.

  4. LOL, I would get distracted by those socks, too! Are you going to help the lady get her CGC, too? I love when you sing, like that time when your rock was crabby. Please make a video soon of just you singing your songs. Lady Gaga's got nothing on you, buddy.

  5. Mommy told me the other day that your singing voice sounds a lot like mine. Must be a redhead thing. Let's collaborate on a rap song sometime, k? It could be like:

    "Dawg Songz"
    by Lil' Robin, feat. Clovey-Clove

    I will have my agent contact your agent.

  6. Good work, Robin. One day, I'm sure your "lady" will be all ready for her very own dog.

  7. It looks like you are doing quite a good job of training the lady. I love how you sing right in the middle of class.