Friday, December 3, 2010

This is Me. This is my Crate.

I have spent some time thinking about a way to memorialize my "alone time," which I hate.  Today, I shared with the lady my ab-horr-ence (learn a new word every today...check), with the thing that has cuddly things inside it and treats tucked in the crevices but also has "alone time" and THAT cancels out everything else.  I did it in a song...a ballad, if you will.  An old ballad from the olden days.  Low, long yodels.  Little bubbles of song deep from my belly that go on for a long time.  The lady took this picture after I was done.  She said that it showed my per-son-a-lity but it wouldn't help my case.  I need to be one with my "alone time," she said.  I will sneak a recorder in with me next time so I can start my new album, "The Life and Times of a Foster Dog Who Doesn't want to be one with alone time but just wants to be one with the people and the stuffies and the walking around the city and cuddling and learning parlor tricks." 


  1. Poor Wee Robin, It's a hard lesson to be one with one's alone time. It took me a long time...and I'm a grown up human! But now I enjoy it, just as much as I enjoy my time with friends, and especially doing parlour tricks! Hang in there! It will get better.

  2. Oh it does stink but it gets easier. I have alone time in the crate too.

  3. Oh, Robin, your ballad sounds like it must be very soulful. Perhaps your foster mom should record it? Anyhow, I think it will get better as soon as you find a way to occupy your mind while you are in your about knitting? Sodoku?

    Pinky D