Sunday, December 26, 2010

A puppy after my own heart

This blog is about me, but I have so many friends that come over, and they told me if I put photos of them on my blog they would give me sweet goodies.  Chlo-wee from yesterday smuggled in chicken softie treats (and I only get rice and cottage cheese right now because the foster lady says my bottom "needs it,"), so I also need smuggled in softie treats.

Today I got to play with someone I think is very special.  Her name is Sweet Pea.  The Humane Society didn't want to leave her all by her lonesome on Christmas so they asked the foster people to take her home, and she is like a little present to me.  She's waiting for a home too.  I call her Sweet "Pee" because she does this a lot (she's still a baby), and I love to do that right on top of hers.

She has 3 legs.  But I am still more bouncy than her even though I have 4.
She's on pain med-i-ca-tion for her lost leg, so she's a little slow, and I can't wait until she is normal again because I think we will have the best time together.  She already knows how to  get ready to play...(and see how I do this by making my cheeks all smooshy and laying down?)
And then she knows about rolling and nuzzling in necks...(I try to make this easy for her because she only has 3 legs)
Sweet Pee is a puppy after my own heart because I am a party machine and I can play for many hours without a water break.  And the foster people just don't quite understand the rolling and nuzzling and chewing that is involved in playing for real (believe me, I've tried doing this with them and they always make me stop and "take a chill pill").  But now with Sweet Pee, I can do all of these things.  Because we both got a second chance, and that's so nice.


  1. hi robin the pittie pack here
    we are so happy to see you had a gweat christmas with great friends we hope all the good things in this world for you for the rest of this new year

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  2. I love that first picture where Robin is a blur with at least two paws off the floor. Thank you for the ongoing posts about your life Robin, I love your writing style and antics.