Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ancient One

I finally met the Chi-wa-wee they call "The Ancient One" today.  
"The Ancient One"
 She has been with the foster people the longest, and she lives in a cave in the back of the house.  I am always in my crate when I hear the shuff-shuff, shuffling coming from the cave...across my room...and to the backyard and then back again.  But slowly, like a long-lost ritual, I got to see her.  Just a glance at first.  If I forgot to look, I would miss her, and for awhile I thought she was trying to play tricks on me.  And then I got to be outside the room with my leash on only.  But, I was never allowed to look directly at her.

"The Ancient One" has many rules.  When I get too close, she opens up her mouth at me and I have to run away because I think she has an angry squirrel that crawled up inside and fell asleep in there.  When I want to smell her butt, she goes into a scary dance, and at first I think she is playing so I play bow, but the foster lady says that will only get me into trouble because "The Ancient One" is displeased.

I think she is so small that it would be fun to roll her around like a circus ball on my paws, but when I asked her to do this with me, she said foul language at me.  I got so fus-trated that I peed on the foster people's table.

But the lady says I'm being a good boy and that I just have to let her "be." Anyways, I snuck into the Chi-wa-wee's cave last night and found this picture tucked underneath her bed.
I think that she has a spell that gives dogs Bad Manners, so I will limit my time with her and just be a good boy...on my bed...with my toys.  A little fus-trated, feeling like I need to pee on many things, but safe at least.     


  1. Dear Robin,

    Wow. You are brave. I wouldn't come within 50 feet of that little old Chi-wee-waa!! I will think good thoughts for you and hopefully it will help to keep "the Ancient One" at bay <>. Hope to see you at Pit-ed soon. That is, if the Chi-wee-waa doesn't get you first! ha ha, I'm just kidding. :)


  2. I'm glad you're respecting The Ancient One, Robin. We don't want her using her spells on you, you cutie!