Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Part Deux of my new life

Part deux of my new life started at 6am.  When I stayed at the old lady and the Man's house, I had to sleep until 7am but that was always too late for me because I am "party in a box" and they always start early.

This is why I like New lady and Man's house, and I because I also got to go on a walk with the new lady while the Man was at the gym.  I was a very good boy and said hello to the squirrelies and birds.  When we got home, the lady tied my leash to her belt, and I helped with laundry and cleaning dishes, and I met Patches the kitty.  Patches is very nice.  Then when the Man came home, he took me for a walk too!  My life in the New house is "off the hook" I think!

I had a little trouble holding the Man's attention though at the tennis court because there were two dogs playing off leash.  He REALLY wanted to play with them.  I kept telling him to Sit!  and Look!  But he wouldn't listen.  So we had to wait for 5 whole minutes because I wouldn't give in to the Man.  Then, finally, he paid attention to me and we could keep walking.  The lady and Man think this will be the biggest challenge for us now that I'm in their lives, but I'm not going to give up on them.  Promise.

After that I got breakfast and then we went to Shoreline!  It's bigger than the Barn and at first I was excited and then I was nervous because it's a very loooong place and there are lots of things happening there.  Once I started walking I felt better.  See?

Then lady and Man bought me a new wire crate because I hate the one with plastic sides.  Now I have two.    


  1. your new life looks absolutely fabulous, Robin...Maisie and I are so happy for you! :)

  2. We're all cheering you on, Robin!

  3. Sounds lovely, Robin! You're the best party in a box ever and I hope you'll still keep us updated from time to time, despite being an adopted dog!

  4. Robin, I'm so happy for you! Two walks a day? Score! It sounds like you're off to a very good start. I wonder if I could ask a favor? Your new pictures are very small, so I can't see your smiling face as well as I'd like. I wonder if you can make them bigger in your updates? A grin like yours should be super-sized!

  5. Oh Robin, isn't it the best to have your furever home? I got mine too! You will be much happier when you learn the new things that your new family teaches you. Learn lots of new things, and that means that you get to go lots of new places, and I bet you get a lot more treats this way too. I know this, because I am a smooze!

  6. Oh Wobbin, I'm so excited for you, I can't hardly stand it. I tried to leave comments for you when I read about your first day home last week, but something was wrong with my dumb Blogger account and I couldn't! So... belated CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I agree with Gena. These tiny pictures will never do. I need to see your butterface!!! :B