Saturday, March 26, 2011

First bounce, then graze.

This is Barney.

Barney is still a puppy even though he's my same size and I am already one year old.  Barney came to stay with me a few weeks ago because he was shy and he just had his baby makers cut out and the lady wanted to get him to "settle" before he could get adopted by a family.  She also said he needed to have his Confidence built around other dogs and especially loud things, and I am perfect for this job.  Want to play Barney?  I can show you all of the best rocks to bark at and play with at the lady and Man's house.  Want to pee or graze on something Barney?  I know the best plants.  Want me to chew on your ear Barney?   I can schedule that in, no problem, you'll have your Confidence built in no time.

When Barney first came to live here, we went on a lot of walks together, and I always got to be first everywhere.  First in the door, first to smell whatever I wanted to smell, and first to come back to gulp the water.  Then, I got to play and get tummy rubs while baby Barney had to go to his crate.  I don't know how that builds his confidence, but it was okay by me.  I like to be first.  Barney had to stay in his crate a lot, and I could watch him through the baby gate, and then he could be out of his crate but not out of the gate.  For the whole first two weeks it was "Yes this, but Not that."  Sigh it felt like the first day of graduation all over again when all I wanted to do was play.  

Even though I tried to persuade her, the lady said my way doesn't work.  My general rule of thumb about Confidence Building** is forget the baby gate and skip the stupid crate.  Ping pong and bounce, and then graze, I say!  Then repeat until the baby gets it.  And do that in the backyard.

**Note - I am the lady, and even though Robin says he has a better way of introducing two dogs, don't listen to him, okay?  He is, in fact, just a dog.  Here are much better rules of thumb from BADRAP.


  1. I love your confidence, Robin! You are wonderful and I'd like to kiss your nose.

  2. Just don't push Barney in the pool like Sweet Pee did to you, OK?

  3. That baby is almost as big as you, Robin!

  4. Robin, I want you to know how much I LOVE your blog and how much I love you from afar. You really could charm the pants off cows.